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Bringing you the best VARIETY, the best CLASSES, the best INSTRUCTORS....& the best RESULTS for 20 years.

If you want to:

Tighten & tone your body...

Calm & centre your mind...
Build strength, agility & feel amazing...
Love the process as much as the results.
We've got you.
I'm Ready. Let's do this.

Your transformational  container.

Keeping you fresh like Tupperware, only better!

Offering training & movement solutions for every body, mood, goal & level!

With wellbeing education, constant inspiration, community & connection...we've got you covered!

Join PURE ONLINE today!

35 + Class Types


Hundreds of classes available via the On-Demand library.

Live-stream classes daily: Zoom & Private FB group.

Also available as an App on apple & android.



Pure Online Includes:

Unlimited access to all our innovative results-based movement modalities, including:

  • Pilates (Mat & Reformer)
  • Yoga (All styles)
  • Barre
  • Sculpt, Slide, Skip
  • Bounce
  • Ultra, X-Train, Morphosis
  • Meditation, Release, Stretch
  • Strength Training
  • Mini Blasters 
  • And more...
Whoop whoop! I want in!

Pure Online is for you if:

1) You want to love the process as much as the results.

At Pure, enjoying movement is our ethos. Exercise doesn't need to be a chore. You can fall in love with it.  #fortheloveofmovement

2) You love variety.

Whether that means doing different styles of movement depending on your mood or to keep things fresh...or ensuring you get plenty of variety inside the one type of class... at Pure we know that variety is the spice of life - and the fastest way to accelerate results! 

3) You want real results like:

  • Tone up & feel strong
  • Improve posture & enhance alignment 
  • Activate your core & body awareness 
  • Gain strength & amplify your energy
  • Experience ease - Improve flexibility & mobility
  • Perkify your peach & tighten your tum
  • Elevate your endorphins (mood & mindset!)
  • Enhance balance, control & reduce injuries

4) You want community, inspiration & education!

With our Pure Online Facebook Group, amazing instructors and educational mini-courses plus zoom dance parties - you can opt-in to as much community and support as your soul can handle! #bringiton



Our Online Club & Community is usually amazing value at $97 a month! During COVID-19 we are offering even better value options to support you to grow through this global experience. Select a huge saving from the three options below...you cannot lose!




Unlimted access to Pure Online. Including On-demand library, Live-stream classes & FB group. 

Plus 3 months FREE access to The School of Growth.

$15 A WEEK! Save $9.25p/wk



6 Month Upfront

Unlimted access to Pure Online. Including On-demand library, Live-stream classes & FB group. 

Plus 3 months FREE access to The School of Growth.

6 Months of Savings!



12 Month Upfront!

Unlimted access to Pure Online. Including On-demand library, Live-stream classes & FB group. 

Plus 3 months FREE access to The School of Growth.

12 Months! Save $514

Energise & Elevate Boxing with Matt

Lengthen & Lift Barre with Marina

YOGA Hatha Yoga with Christiana

STRENGTHEN & TONE Pure Sculpt with Julius

Frequently Asked Questions

It's normal to have some questions. Here's a collection of the ones we get most often. We hope they help you to decide to dive-in and join us.

Your Pure Online Membership gives you a whole new way to communicate & connect with and in your body.

It gives you quality, quantity & variety! It offers you unlimited access to world-class classes, run by world-class trainers across an unbeatable array of movement modalities. 

Pure online offers you results. We have been in the business of helping our clients fall in love with movement for 20 years. We know what you want. Where you want to feel firm, build strength & length, create shifts and see results. We got you.

On a tangible level Pure Online gives you access to the website (and app) that hold hundreds of on-demand ([lay anywhere/anytime) sessions across 35+ styles of class. 

Access to the private FB group plus live-stream zoom held daily classes.

Plus a free trial membership with The School of Growth where your mindset and motivation needs are all well and truly met with monthly modules, coaching calls and more....

7 Days Free. You have a whole week to navigate the world of Pure Online and try out as many classes and options as possible!! We recommend getting amongst as much variety as you can handle!! What have you got to lose?! Nothing!

We have over 175 sessions already in Pure Online's website library.

Every week we that grows when we add the live-streamed options (approx 30 a week) into that mix plus some super special exclusive workouts that we film just for the library!! 

On-Demand Classes are classes in the library on the website - you can play them wherever you are, whenever it suits you and depending on the mood you are in and the results you want to get.

Want to sweat it out, go for one of our many high-energy class options. Want to relax and release, choose from the wide range of yoga, pilates, meditation or stretching sessions waiting for you.

On-Demand classes are included in your membership for those times our scheduled Live-Stream classes doesn’t match your timetable.

On demand really just means - on your terms. You do you boo...you get to decide. As it should be :-)

Our Live stream classes on the other hand are an amazing way to get the feel, accountability, intensity and interaction of training face-to-face in the studio.

They run at set times, you log in via zoom (they are also streamed into the FB group -just because we are extra that way) and you can chat to your trainer and the community before and after class which is perfect if you love a little bit of socialising on the side of your sweat session. You can pre-plan your week to schedule these session in which means you’re much more likely to do the workout! #winning 

And word on the street (aka comments section) is that you definitely work that little bit harder in a zoom lead sesh than solo.

So there you have it, Some live for live-stream other decide on-demand is their jam. Us... we support you finding whichever solution suits your mood, motivational-style and goals. 

As with everything in life - there is no wrong or right way. Just the way that works for you. We are pro-choice and pro-you finding the means to make movement your go-to good-thang.

The great news is lots of our classes require no equipment at all.. just your body and a little space. This is even true across all styles of movement we offer -for example we have "no equipment" HIIT, Sculpt etc sessions as well as no equipment yoga & pilates (although a mat is helpful for the later two).

Whats even better news is that Pure Online also has plenty of workouts that DO utilise equipment. Most frequently light to moderate dumbells... but also for those that have them  & want the benefits of using them we have classes that teach you how to train using: booty bands, therabands, swiss-balls, skipping ropes, ankle weights, steps, barre (chair/table), stationary bikes and Pilates Reformers.

So 'With Equipment', or 'Equipment-Free' we have got you covered with effective and efficient mind-body workouts!

Do not fear. Everyone has to start somewhere and whilst our classes are always an amazing workout regardless og your level that is because we offer levels (progressions, regressions and variations) within every class we offer.

Plus we have foundational videos teaching you about alignment and core fundamentals plus a video showing you tips on how to modify any workout for your level.

Plus with our extensive incomparable range of classes... there really is a style to suit every goals and level, as well as  mood! 

Of course we always request that you  seek approval to start exercising from your doctor or educated health-care provider before beginning and most importantly that you ALWAYS listen to your body and honour where it is on its journey of health and physical mastery.

That all being said. Starting wherever you are, doing what you can is the only way we'll ever get to new level of ability and freedom. So begin.Starting and sticking is the secret to success... you've got this!

"What l love most about Pure Online is starting my day with my team of dedicated instructors. They are keeping classes fresh with new offerings while keeping the old favorites high energy. Love my Pure community!🥰"

Debbie Lynch

"What I love the most about Pure Online is the community, instructors and members. Plus getting down with the awesome tunes in the Pure Dance Partiessss!!!"

Eloise Pearce

"What I love most about Pure Online is I can do more classes than ever before because I can do them at times that suit me!! AND I can try classes I have always wanted to try but couldn't get to - WIN, WIN!! 😍"

Sally Ginger

"Pure Online gives you the flexibility and the luxury to move your body and work out anytime and anywhere. Loving all the classes and how easy it is to access them."

Angela Andronicos

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