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Just to be clear...I stand for & with the

High-Achieving, Over-Thinking, Over-Giving Woman! 


My mission is to empower every women with the courage, compassion & core compass to explore & expand her experience & expression of herself.
To magnify her more, embody her wholeness & live her light!

Simply put...

To help her step out of stuck & flow into fulfilment!

You see...

I''m a Self Sovereignty & Whole Womanhood Coach!

Yup, I coined both those terms...& I love 'em!

For decades now I’ve been a positive change facilitator, obsessed with the alchemy of transformation.

At my core...

I’m a seeker & sharer of truth, wisdom & wonder. 
I bliss-out helping people live from their heartspace & step into their higher self.

I even have a program just for that (#dreambuilder)! 


I’m wildly optimistic, eternally entrepreneurial, passionately playful & constantly curious.

In short...

I’m just a GypsyGoddessQueenTM  embracing perfectly-imperfect heart-full living…


Wanna Join Me?

The INNER WORK is the ONLY work.


We must journey inward to the compass of our heart, learn to listen to our spirit & act from that space of PURE knowing & truth to reclaim our Wholeness & embody our Sovereignty. 


This revolutionary act of our way of being aligning with our truth will empower us to serve     our purpose & all of humanity at the highest level.

Tools of Tranformation

There is no right place to begin. No correct way to unfold. Forget anyone else's PLAN & allow you PATH to be revealed to you. As for which program is best for you right now... well that honestly depends on where you are on your journey & what part of you is most seeking expression, healing or transformation...


The Home of Whole Womanhood!

Rip up & rewrite the rules. Shed the stories & shame. Override outdated contracts of obligation. Transcend guilt, blame, doubt & lack.

Step into self trust, self knowing, self acceptance & self love till you STAND in your sovereignty once again. 

It's time to expand your experience & expression of awaken into your wholeness.



Growth is our goal. Are you game?

TSOG is the home of so much expansive goodness! Here you'll find our ...

  • Ongoing Monthly Online School - where you elevate & expand yourself & your experience of life.

Plus experiential events transformational programs & amazing opportunities- including the: 

  • Dreambuilder Experience
  • 12 Day Reboot
  • 7 Days to Self Love Retreat
  • Entity Identity Business Bootcamp
  • W. H. O. L. E Coaching Certification Course

Each one designed to help you unfold into the fullest expansion of your truth, wholeness & sovereignty. 

Magnify your more by ELEVATING your Energy, Empowerment, Expression & Enterprise. 


I'm all about an attitude of gratitude. Life is indeed a gift... and so are you. 

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12 Day Reboot

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One on One Private Coaching

The Marina Perry Podcast

Empowerment & Self Sovereignty

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DREAMBUILDER Experience: Losing Limits, Loving Life, Living Dreams.

7 Days to Self Love Bali Retreat

The Growth Academy

WHOLE WOMANHOOD: The GypsyGoddessQueen Academy, Quiz & Podcasts

One on One Private Coaching

The Marina Perry Podcast

Entrepreneurship & Enterprise

With 20 yrs in Biz & 10 years as a coach & teachers trainer, be sure to explore:

Entity Identity 3 Day Intensive: Building Brands with Soul

W.H.O.L.E Coaching Certification Course: Training For Coaches & Lightworkers

Selling with Soul & Speaking from Stage: The Art of Positive Persuasion & Powerful Presentations

Let's chat. Given I like deep conversations shall we start with the small stuff ;-)...

What's the meaning of life?


Well if you ask a parent what they want for their child (usually a great example of unconditional love... hopefully!) the answer is generally happiness.

Likewise when we drill down deeper into any external want, desire, or goal we hold (and why we want it) it usually leads us to our desire to feel joy & contentment. So we could argue the meaning of life is happiness.


To embody joy & bliss.


Perhaps a better question then might be, how do we obtain happiness.

Now this has many moving parts... but what I know for sure after two decades as a wellbeing entrepreneur, human potential coach & positive change facilitator is this...


We are only truly happy when we:

Like who we are. (Self Love)

Be who we truly are. (Self Sovereignty)

Do what we truly enjoy & value. (Alignment)

Connect authentically & deeply with others & source (Belonging)

Be of service to others...embody & spread unconditional love & light. (Truth)


Sadly though, due to the constructs of society, family systems & the inner wiring of our minds we hold ourselves back from some or ALL of the above!

We withhold love, joy, ease & grace.


Instead we place ourselves in stuckness, sabotage, illusions of safety, and deep suffering.


We often do not see that we are doing this TO ourselves by agreeing to, accepting & repeatedly pressing play on the lies.


Yet we witness the effects in our lives daily - procrastination, self-doubt, negative inner talk, conflict, frustration, anxiety, depression, addictions ( food, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, social media etc), relationship struggles, self-sabotage, failure to move forward, destructive patterns on repeat, choosing to not act in our best interests or step into our potential.


And here is the thing.

You get to choose.  That's your super power.  Choice.  Always.

You can stay asleep (like the majority of society) & life will 'keep happening to you'.

Or you can wake up, step up, step in, & actively play the game of life.

Activated, aligned and full out. For me it's an easy life is to valuable to waste. How about you?

When we choose to concisely create & curate our lives, when we step into consistent participation & choose absolute accountability for what's showing up... magic happens.

We simply need to cease being right about all the wrong programming and patterns, to denounce the lies.. all those beliefs that DO NOT SERVE US.

We must return to the truth of that which we really are...

unlimited potential & unconditional love.


If you're ready to burn the old PLAN, & instead align into your true PATH...

to start moving forward with certainty, calmness, compassion & courage... let's connect.

I've been waiting for you.  

""Because of low self esteem, I always had trouble with stepping forward & claiming all the opportunities available to me. With Marina & the DREAMBUILDER program, I was able to release my limiting beliefs & truly know my worth. I finally started my side-hustle business, ended a relationship I had outgrown & I love myself more with each passing day.... I can honestly say that program changed my life by gifting me a life I'm excited to live.""

Caitlin Eichperger
CEO Fit Familia

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Let's Be Besties! Wanna Hang Out?

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